• This has been an issue that has bothered me for some time. Recently, he came back to the fore with the release of the trailer for the film "Suicide Squad". In the trailer, there is a three-second scene showing only Harley Quinn ass. This scene exacerbates a much bigger problem than the occasional sexism: it shows that the world really forgotten the true Harley Quinn character message.

    Today, when someone describes Harley Quinn, nine times out of ten go straight to the fact that they find she "hot." They talk about their romantic relationship with Joker. They talk about her annoying voice and how sexy. They also claim that she is stupid and very funny. Also, I heard some girls wanting to be like her - they believe it is a strong female character.

    But this was not always the case. If it were to return to their origin in the lively fantastic series of "Batman" in the 90s, they know what is Harley Quinn, and how important it was and engajador his character. Harley is a rare exception to the rule where the comics and fans managed to ruin the character because she is far from being a strong female character and she is not a person in that any girl should be based. It is the opposite, actually.

    The character and history of Harley Quinn are metaphors about relationship with domestic violence and the tragedy of being caught in one. For those who do not know her story, she was a psychiatrist who has been designated to handle the Joker . He made his "joke" and manipulated, shifted his head to love him and to make her his pet. One of the greatest mistakes is to think that Joker and Harley are a couple. Joker is not able to be in a relationship. His head does not function as a normal human being. It uses Harley Quinn for their own personal gain and virtually no worries about it. It would only be upset if she died if it directly affected their plans. In other words, Harley Quinn is just a puppet for him.

    Harley, on the other hand, is desperately in love with Joker and truly believes that he also loves. This is the great tragedy. Joker is so cruel to her as he is with everybody. He is verbally and physically abusive, but she never left him because he believes that he loves her as much as she loves - a common trait in many situations of domestic violence. Harley Quinn was never designed to be a character that deserves imitation. It is designed to teach girls about the dangers of domestic violence and be an example of what should not be. She is a tragic character.

    However, this was somehow lost along the way. It seems that the goal of Harley Quinn is to please comic book geeks teenagers with hormones thousand, making their tiny clothes and famous shirts. It is a choice of consistent cosplay most comic conventions. Honestly, it pisses me off every time I hear someone say they want to be like Harley because she's tough. It disturbs me even more when they say they want a relationship just like Joker and Harley. This shows that they do not know what they are talking about and they completely missed the point of it. Domestic violence is a stupid thing that exists, but the harsh reality is that it exists. Harley Quinn was made with the best of intentions and those intentions have been wasted by the culture in which we now live.

    So when you whatching Suicide Squad and and gets amazed by the beautiful Margot Robbie playing Harley Quinn or when you talk about how powerful and strong she is when you played with her in "Batman: Arkham Knight" or when reading a comics where she gives a gift to Joker, just remember how tragic your character is and what it should represent. So let the cool breeze of reality relax your soul.

    The Joker is definitely on you!

    Credits: Justin Gordon


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